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Allen Alexis are disclosing their dark side with their new atmospheric track ‘Diving Down‘. The single is taken from their upcoming second studio album. Buy on Amazon / Beatport / »

Allen Alexis are back with ‘Cold Retro’ – the first single from their upcoming new album. The track effortlessly merges the band’s pop appeal with progressive beats. The marching kick »

Join us when we are celebrating our second label night at Rockhouse Salzburg! Finest pop and electronic music from 9 PM to 4 AM, with Mountains Lead Nowhere (LIVE) Purple »

      Just a perfect day spent with your friends. Highly intoxicated and loaded. Tripping and stripping. Jumping and bumping. Come on and dance! Drama und Stern’s single ‘Caspar’ includes the title track, »

  Allen Alexis’ 7th single “Who Cares?” reveals the band’s rougher side with distorted guitars, heavy drums and a memorable chorus. Some might remember the song of Skiny Underwear’s controversial »

    The music of Mountains lead Nowhere debut album Receding Silence moves almost effortlessly between fragility and extensive, heavy sounds that flow into ecstatic highs every now and then. Spherical song constructs »

  With U2-like guitars and vocals that are at times reminiscent of Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin, Purple Souls turn in a perfect summer tune – Babylon. »

  Mountains lead Nowhere‘s debut single Silence Is Dead  is now available worldwide as digital download. The single contains the album version of the track, as well as a remix »

  Get ready for take-off! ‘Freiflug’ is not simply techno, house, breakbeat, or pop. It is amazingly fresh electronic music for music afficionados with open minded ears and souls.   »

DUNST. A remix contest. An artwork project. An unscripted music video.  Allen Alexis‘ Track Dunst has been their secret weapon at the end of their live shows. Their encore always goes »

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Allen Alexis will release their track Dunst on vinyl – with a blank white cover. The band wants to give visual artists, illustrators, graphic designers and everyone else who’s interested, »

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Allen Alexis is giving you the chance to remix their track ‘DUNST’, the latest single off their album “Different Believers”. The grand prize winner will have their remix released on »

‘Feeling Numb’ – a melancholic, trance-influenced dream pop track – is at times reminiscent of Lily Allen with its flowing chorus and fragile vocals. The single contains four very versatile »