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Allen Alexis | Dunst

DUNST. A remix contest. An artwork project. An unscripted music video. 

Allen Alexis‘ Track Dunst has been their secret weapon at the end of their live shows. Their encore always goes off with a bang. Because of that, the band also wanted the single release to go off with a bang.

Allen Alexis decided to incorporate fans and music aficionados into their creative process. They tried to reach musicians, dancers, as well as, graphic designers and illustrators.

The band started the project with a call for entries for their remix competition. Musicians, DJs and producers from various countries participated in the contest. Finally the remix of Viennese producer Maximilian Schröder was selected as first place winner.


At first the winning track was, together with the album version, released on super limited 12″ vinyl – with a blank white cover. Allen Alexis wanted to give visual artists, illustrators, graphic designers, and everyone else who was interested the opportunity to create unique artworks. Every single cover is handmade and a very individual interpretation of Dunst and Allen Alexis.

Last but not least Allen Alexis asked dancers to improvise in their music video.

Dunst will be digitally released on December the 20th, together with 4 more remixes.